" a voluntary collaborative promoting distributed  generation in Wisconsin "

March 23, 2017 Distributed Generation Interconnection Forum
Presentations and follow-up

Stayer Center (Marian University), Fond du Lac, WI

arrow   Sponsored by Wisconsin Distributed Resources Collaborative (WIDRC)
arrow   Co-sponsored by Mid-West Energy Research Consortium (M-WERC)

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What is Distributed Generation?

     Distributed generation is the locating of electricity generators close to the point of consumption. It provides some unique benefits to power companies and customers that are not available from centralized electricity generation. Distributed power technologies are inherently modular, and can include renewable energy, fuel cell, and cogeneration systems. In Wisconsin, Distributed Generation refers to installations 15 MW or smaller.






History of Developing Wisconsin PSC 119 and the Interconnection Guidelines "History of PSC 119" Larry Krom V.P., WIDRC 3/23/17
Wisconsin DG Interconnection Practices Survey
(Survey of WI Electric Utilities and Installer/Contractors - July 2016)
"WIDRC DG Interconnection Survey Results" Deborah Erwin Manager, Regulatory Policy,
Xcel Energy
Nuts and Bolts of Distributed Generation Interconnection "MGE -WIDRC DG Training" David Toso Senior Engineer, Madison Gas & Electric 3/23/17
 How the DG landscape has changed over the years -- a look at the data " WI DG Installation Data along with  National Solar Trends"
Corey Singeltary
Tyler Huebner
WI Public Service Commission
RENEW Wisconsin
Market and technical trends in DG "Where Might We Be Headed?
Signposts from Other States"
Emerson Reiter National Renewable Energy Laboratory 3/23/17
IEEE Standards Updates "IEEE P1547 Draft 6.7 Proposed Standards Revision" Mark Siira  ComRent Intn’l, IEEE Standards Coordinating Committee 21 Chair 3/23/17