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Solar Installation Project Madison College Solar Installation Ken Walz
Adam Gusse
 Madison College

Energy Storage - Utility Interconnection Energy Storage System
Application Guidelines
Alan Urban, DER Integration Engineer Xcel Energy 1/18/19
Projects Receiving WIDRC donations June 2018 M-WERC Energy Storage Conference Summary Jeffrey E. Anthony, Chief Operating Officer Midwest Energy Research Consortium
Projects Receiving WIDRC donations 2018 RENEW Wisconsin Summit Review Tyler Heubner, Director RENEW Wisconsin 4/20/2018
Solar O&M Training . . .

Projects Receiving WIDRC donations
Solar Operations and Maintenance Training
Curriculum Development 
Julie Brazeau,
Solar Technical Assistance Coordinator 
MREA (Midwest Renewable Energy Association) 1/19/18
Municipal Solar O&M Training . . .

Projects Receiving WIDRC donations
Milwaukee Shines: Solar PV O&M Training for Municipalities Elizabeth Hittman, Solar Program Manager - Milwaukee Shines City of Milwaukee Solar Program 1/19/18
Distributed Generation Interconnection Forum
6 Presentations from the Forum Various Various 3/24/17
Projects Receiving WIDRC donations "Clean Energy Goes Mainstream" - Presentation on 2017 RENEW WI Energy Summit Tyler Heubner, Director RENEW Wisconsin 1/27/17
Alliant Energy's Energy Learning Lab featuring solar  energy and storage Madison General Office Solar Project David Sinner Alliant Energy 10/21/16
Projects Receiving WIDRC donations 2016 WI STEM Educator Solar Institute  5 Joel Shoemaker Madison College
Biogas Systems UW-Oshkosh Biogas Systems Brian Langolf, Director of Biogas Systems  UW-Oshkosh 7/15/16
Policies and Solutions that Enable the Shift to Renewable Energy The Transformation of Our Business Tony Siebert,VP of Product Management  EnSync Energy 4/15/16
Projects Receiving WIDRC donations Summary Report on 2016 RENEW Energy Policy Summit Tyler Heubner RENEW Wisconsin 4/15/16
Finance and Economics Finance and Economics in Current Utility MarketsSteve Kihm, Principal and Chief Economist  Seventh Wave 1/22/16
Projects Receiving WIDRC donations Wisconsin Solar Academy Joel Shoemaker Madison College 10/16/15
DR RFP Development Dairyland Power Cooperative Solar Community Projects RFP John McWilliams Dairyland Power Cooperative 10/16/15
Business Development and Energy Innovation Center "M-WERC Presentation to WIDRC" Jeffrey E. Anthony, Chief Operating Officer Mid-West Energy Research Consortium (M-WERC) 7/17/15
Microgrids Santa Rita Jail CERTS Microgrid Prof. Bob Lasseter University of Wisconsin – Madison 4/17/15
Electric Grid "Transforming the Grid from the Distribution System Out" Prof. Tom Jahns University of Wisconsin – Madison 1/16/15
Small Scale CHP Technology "Introduction to Micro Combined Heat & Power (mCHP) Technology and Marketability (i.e. does it have a future?)" Mike Cocking MicroCogen Partners LLC 1/16/15
Projects Receiving WIDRC donations "Microgrids in Madison"   4 Ben Kaldunski, M.S. Candidate UW-Madison Nelson Institute 10/10/14
Microgrids "Microgrids for Renewable Energy Integration, Grid Support, and Energy Security Improvement" Dr. Adel Nasiri, Professor of Power Electronics Power Electronics and Electric Drives Laboratory, UW-Milwaukee 10/10/14
WIDRC Donation Activities "Discussion of REQUEST FOR APPLICATIONS for Distributed Energy Resource Related Activities 2014" Larry Krom, Vice Chair WIDRC 7/11/14
International Learning Exchange "Insights on the German Energiewende" Ken Walz Madison Area Technical College 7/11/14
Building Renewable Energy Policy A 2013 Minnesota Clean Energy Success Story: A Template for Wisconsin?    3
Lynn Hinkle Minnesota Solar Energy Industries Association (MN SEIA) 4/11/14
Transformation of the Electric Power Grid The Integrated Grid  2 Clark Gellings Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) 4/11/14
Projects Receiving WIDRC donations Summary Overview of 2014 RENEW Energy Summit Tyler Huebner, Executive Director RENEW Wisconsin 1/17/14
Setting Prices for Distributed Generation Third-Party Distributed Generation:
Setting the Stage for Debate   1
Steve Kihm,  Director of Market Research and Policy Energy Center of Wisconsin 1/17/14


1_ "Third-Party Distributed Generation Issues and Challenges for Policymakers" Energy Center Report (March 2014)
2_ The Integrated Grid, EPRI study on the transformation of the electric power grid
Additional Links to Related EPRI Reports: U.S. Energy Efficiency Potential Through 2035, Smart Grid Leadership Report: Global Smart Grid Implementation Assessment
3_ Minnesota Value of Solar, Minnesota Docket Filing
4_ Report Prepared for WIDRC (October 2014) "An Economic Analysis of Solar PV Microgrids:
            Are They a Cost-Effective Option for Solar Deployment in Madison?"
5_ Link to Channel 3 Story on WI STEM Educator Institute
6_ Xcel Energy-Wisconsin Guidelines for Interconnection of Electric Energy Storage (PDF)